About "Personalized Merry Christmas Cookie Stamp":



 Q:What are the design choices?


Q:How to provide customized information?

If you want to custom your family name, please enter your personalization information completely(e.g. The Smiths Family/The Smith/The Smith's and so on) 

If you want to custom something else, please enter the text you need directly in the personalization box(e.g. Davis & Sophia)

We will make it completely according to your information.


Q:How many letters allowed for last name? 

Up to 20 letters


Q:Do you have a cookie recipe that works best with this?

Yes, we will have a recipe that will be sent to you along with the cookie Stamp.


Q:What do the cookies look like after baked?

Please click on our link and you will see multiple pictures of baked cookies.


Q:What is the cookie cutter option asking for. Is says "yes please, no and $6"

If you need a cutter, please select yes, if you don't need it, please select no.


Q:Which countries can you ship to?

Generally speaking, our orders can be shipped to most countries and regions. If you want specific information, please contact us via Facebook Messenger.


Q:Where is this made?

Our company is located in Texas.


Q:How long does it take to get product once you ordered

The customized item usually needs 4-7 days to prepare before we can ship it. If everything goes well, the item usually needs 9-14 days on its way.


Q:What is the size of the circle?

Make cookies about 3" in diameter.